stand up mother take a bow cause you still make her cry*

for so long people in our lives have more power then they should.  i release that .

*Sam Baker – Say Grace


the american human condition

though he was a russian novelist Tolstoy could not have put it any better:  “There are no conditions of life to which a man cannot get accustomed, especially if he sees them accepted by everyone around him.”


NP: Sufjan Stevens – O Come, O Come Emmanuel

now we’re swallowing the shine of the sun*

Sunday evening we got together with some good friends to mark the one year anniversary of a dear friends death.  I won’t go as far as to say it was a celebratory feast but you couldn’t know David without getting a smile on your face.  He’s been honored with websites, book dedications and many of painful tears, and yet remembering him is important.  He was a pastor and he loved his people well.  Miss you man, have the gloves ready to play catch.

*The National – Runaway

everybody has a dream that they will never own*

when i was a child there was a new adventure everyday.  as i’ve grown up there have been many days that the adventure was forgotten about.  my promise today it to keep looking for the adventure.  i’ve got the most amazing person to share it with…..

Words that make me melt.  Piper, hold my hand in the parking lot.  No! Piper! Hold my hand in the parking lot.  Ok happy, ok.

*Over The Rhine -The Laugh Of Recognition

the cell phone zombies babble*

recently like many of you i’ve wanted to disconnect.  which would mean closing twitter, facebook, few of my email accounts, lose a phone number or two.  i’ve stayed connected  to be connected and i’ve longed for simpler times.  if i’m not home when you call you don’t get me.  maybe some things would be redefined this way.  what’s an emergency, what’s important, what’s a deadline….etc.  maybe we would invest that time in the relationships around us, the neighbor’s around us, our friends…especially our families.

*Joni Mitchell – Bad Dreams

we should just surrender let fate and duty shape us*

it’s good friday and all i can think of this morning is the audio sermon from a pentecostal preacher years ago.  here’s a video all cleaned up but you get the gist.

joni’s song is about her relationship with donald freed, well most of the album is about her and donald’s relationship.  i like the lyric on the song “facelift” where she is having this conversation with her mother and she says…“She said, Did you come home to disgrace us!” I said, Why is this joy not allowed? For God’s sake! I’m middle-aged, mama and time moves swift and you know happiness is the best face lift! i’ve borrowed the line “i’m middle age” more then a few times to allow for certain behavior.  but that’s a whole nother song.  there’s days when i just need to surrender and let fate and duty shape me…though i want you to know it’s probably going to piss me off.

*Joni Mitchell – Stay In Touch