These are a few of my favorite things….*

Really just a list of MY favorite albums to listen to this year.

#10 – Sun Kil MoonAdmiral Fell Promises












#9  Mary GauthierThe Foundling












#8 Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs – God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise.












#7 Laura MarlingI Speak Because I Can












#6 Tallest Man On EarthWild Hunt












#5 Frightened RabbitThe Winter of Mixed Drinks












#4 The NationalHigh Violet












#3 Shearwater Golden Archipelago












#2 Mumford & SonsSign No More












#1 Anais MitchellHadestown












* My Favorite Things – Rogers and Hammerstein


shine on all the churches they all love less and less*

love this song, it’s a take off of “this little light of mine.”

i spoke this week about how much i abhor “but theology”. you know how it goes…Jesus loves you BUT you got to quit sinning, God loves you BUT you got to give more so we can do his work, “I” love you BUT you’ve got to be willing to see it my way, i’ll let you all come up with your own BUT theology. if jesus had but’s in his theology then his love wasn’t unconditional. maybe the rich young ruler did walk away but bottom line jesus still loved him. i’m just tired of the buts and from this point forward it’s labeled “BUTT Theology”

*Joni Mitchell – Shine

2009 Like I know music

Writing a top 10 is like telling everyone you actually know something about being a music critic.  Truth is when I put down 10 albums I’m doing it based on 10 albums I couldn’t keep off my stereo whether it be in my truck, on the computer or on the ipod.  So this is my taste and explanations will follow.

Bob Schneider – Lovely Creatures

Love Bob, Loved the album though some say he was too clean.  40 Dogs if it made it out of Austin would be an Adult Contemporary hit.  Plus Bob live, come on.

Steve Earle – Townes

Yeah, it’s an album of covers but if you’re going to cover someone why not Townes Van Zandt.  Saw Steve last year but was sick, not cool.

Buddy & Julie Miller – Written in Chalk

They never fail to write the most down to earth songs and lyrics.  I loved Ellis county because I spent a bunch of time in Ellis County and can see them farmers eking out a living.  Love to have seen them in concert but it’s not going to happen with Julie’s health.  Hope to see The Girls and their buddy this year.

The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You

This was one of my favorites, like Bon Iver was in 06 and Blitzen Trappen was last year.  Just good hearted music with cool lyrics.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s – Self Titled

Wow, saw a video after their SXSW show that just caught my spirit.  Their music reminds me of what I was listening too in the late 70’s but less drugs more fun.  Watching two people dance around on stage singing together is just plain cool.

Estonian Philharmonic – Part: In Principio

You all can have your Glee, I’ll take my Arvo Part and day of the week.  This will be sung by Chamber Choir’s within months of it hitting the stands.  Though it could be the reason I had terrible weeks in the valley, dark and foreboding.

Grace Pettis – Self Titled

What a frosh release from the girl I call the human songwriting machine.  Though late in the year the songs have been in my head for a couple of years.  Not to mention she played at my 50th birthday party.

Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

I love Neko, and I love this album a lot.  For some reason it never left the playlist and spent many of time walking the irrigation canals of the Rio Grande Valley.

Regina Specktor – Far

Needless to say if she releases and album I’m going to listen to it, not in the vein of Joni Mitchell but pretty dang sure it’s close.

U2 – No Line On the Horizon

Laura, loved this album I loved it too, just not as much.  But then again she is a critic so she probably has one on me here.  Not to say I don’t think it belongs, it’s a great album and it was on my IPod a bunch, I just try not to get caught up in the hype (deserved or not)

Honorable Mentions

Over the Rhine – Live from Nowhere, Volume 4 (Worst of the 4 but still OTR)

The Low Anthem – Oh My God Charlie Darwin  (Great album just not one of my favorites)

Pierce Pettis – That Kind of Love (Should be in the top 10, don’t know why it’s here, probably some subconscious thing about Father Daughter’s being together on a list)

Best blast from the past:

Cheap Trick – The Latest Wow good power pop has revisited the planet through Cheap Trick.

Albums need to spend more time listening too.

Switchfoot – Hurricane (Not growing on me)

WPA – WPA (Super group, not so Super, but always like me some Glen Phillips)

Peter Bradley Adams (only listened to once, so give me time)

The Swell Season (once through also but like it)

Best two opening songs:

Lisbee Stainton – Girl on an Unmade Bed (Love the first two songs, great songs, then pretty much goes into hibernation)

Most listened to album of the year:

Molly Venter – Love Me Like you Mean it.  (OK this album never left the rotation, actually next to Lovely Creatures it was pretty much abused in my IPOD.  We saw here twice last year, once, on Abbot Kinney in Venice and at Momo’s above Katz’s Deli in Austin.  Molly is just Molly and good folk singer from back East who resides in Austin. And, I mean AND, Molly might be playing at church sometime.

Favorite Concert:  Well you would think having Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp play in your backyard you would go and pretty much think it’s the best concert of the year.  But I’m going to have to say I wasn’t interested in going.  Now that you have forgiven me let me get back to my favorite concert.  We didn’t do many concerts this year so it is a little thin.  But Over the Rhine for two nights at Texas Union Theatre where they didn’t repeat any songs was quite amazing.  Followed closely of hearing my Joni Friends on the couch in Idylwild, CA.

Disappointing ConcertShawn Colvin – One World Theatre.  She was exhausted and not feeling well and was in between dates on the Three Girls and their Buddy tour so they flew here in from NYC and then flew her back out.  Buddy had his heart attack not to much latter.

What’s Coming UP: New Patty Griffin on January 1st (produced by Buddy Miller)  And of course Laura’s Christmas present was tickets for us to go (see how I get to go too) Patty in Concert.  John Mayer Concert in March.  Sam Phillips will keep releasing EP’s and a new LP (best $50 I’ve spent recently)

music 2008 listening…. waiting… and concerts & being tall.

Okay, i’ve been listening to some albums the past few months so here you go with what I like.

For Emma, Forever Ago, which is Justin Vernon, which is Bon Iver and is probably the reason for the post since they were suppose to be on Conan last night.

Glen Campbell – Meet Glen Campbell.  I know but it was recommend by a friend and I keep listening to it.  What’s up with that.  Great covers of Jackson Browne, U2, Green Day and John Lennon among others.  I know but it’s not Pat Boone scary music but not to far from Cash.  Campbell’s voice is great at 72.  By the way my friend says the new Rick Springfield is good but I’m not going there.

Ingrid Michaelson – Girls and Boys..  just love it, it’s been my walking music on the pod for weeks.

The DoDo’s – Visiter.  Came as a recommendation and it was released earlier this year.  I’ve enjoyed listening to it and again I keep coming back to it.

Eliza’s – Beautiful World.  She scores again, and it will be hard to keep Wildewood Spring off the 08 christmas album this years since I dip there often.

Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes.  Love the EP and the album I can’t tell you how many endless office hours this has played in the background.

The Weepies – Hideaway.  This is a good sophomore release.  Another one that I listen to while walking.

Albums to look forward to:

The Broken West – Now or Heaven

Okkervil River – The Stand Ins (Come on now their Austin Based)

Two weeks ago Brandon and I went and saw Colin Hay at the One World Theatre.  It was great though his wife was a little spacey but it was cool.  Brandon and I had a great time that’s all that matters.

Friday night my buddy Rick and I headed over to see Squeeze at La Zona Rosa.  Lo and behold Fastball is the opener, that was a nice surprise.  I don’t dig general admission seating because i’m known for getting there early and getting up front (center stage for this one) and it never fails the drunken new wave (expletives) always come bumping up and asking to get in front and usually and this time also I play the ass who says NO!  That means they just get behind me and grind on me all night pushing me forward.  Now I know I’m 6’7″ but I usually lean down on the front rail and look up (which gave me a neckache for two days) to make it easy for people to see over me.  But after continued harrasement I just stood up and everyone behind me was like dude get down.  To which I said get her off me and i’ll get back down.  She disappeared after that.  Squeeze was fantastic though you could feel the ice between Difford and Tilbrook.  It reminded me of the Yes – Union tour of 1991 in which it was like battle of the bands and nobody seemed happy.  But i’m telling you Tilbrook just acted like all was well and I’m still blown away at how good he is as a guitarist.  Fastball had a great 45 minute opening set (almost a perfect 45 minutes).

Okay, throw some my way now.

NP: Brooke Waggoner.

Steve Earle

Okay what would cause a couple to leave a Steve Earle concert. Well how about a sore back, a runny nose and a cough. Steve Earle was playing at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, which in itself is a great place to see a concert but not when you just don’t feel well. I might have made it through the whole gig if it wouldn’t have had an opening act. Allison Moorer is Steve’s 7th wife (he’s only 53). As a nicer guy then me said in the men’s room after her set, “just because he married her we shouldn’t have to have her forced upon us”. Her claim to fame is she’s Shelby Lynne‘s sister and of course is married to Steve. Her new album is covers of others which makes sense because her music is the same monotonous drone (Shelby is releasing covers of Dusty Springfield songs soon), but yet I haven’t listened to it since it also probably kept Buddy Miller out of the studio as he produced this album for her (ok it doesn’t help that he’s playin guitar for Robert Plant and Allison Kraus). She did a cover of Joni’s Mitchell “Both Sides Now” which was the highlight of her set. Steve came on and played solo acoustic material until his DJ joined him, and though I really enjoyed the music my body won and Laura and I took off and enjoyed the rest of our great Sunday evenings together with me leaving every Monday morning.

NP: Buddy Miller – Worry To Much