we should just surrender let fate and duty shape us*

it’s good friday and all i can think of this morning is the audio sermon from a pentecostal preacher years ago.  here’s a video all cleaned up but you get the gist.

joni’s song is about her relationship with donald freed, well most of the album is about her and donald’s relationship.  i like the lyric on the song “facelift” where she is having this conversation with her mother and she says…“She said, Did you come home to disgrace us!” I said, Why is this joy not allowed? For God’s sake! I’m middle-aged, mama and time moves swift and you know happiness is the best face lift! i’ve borrowed the line “i’m middle age” more then a few times to allow for certain behavior.  but that’s a whole nother song.  there’s days when i just need to surrender and let fate and duty shape me…though i want you to know it’s probably going to piss me off.

*Joni Mitchell – Stay In Touch


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